Electronic Cigarettes – Harm Reduction’s Finest Hour?

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September 22, 2015

“Advocates of evidence based medicine have criticised the adoption of interventions evaluated by using only observational data.”

The debate regarding every aspect of electronic cigarettes is, to say the least, often contentious. Some would even argue that it frequently gets downright ugly – Clash of the Titans.

With so many weighing in on all sides of the question, it can be difficult for the majority of us to reach any meaningful conclusions.

It is rare, perhaps only once in a lifetime, that one stumbles across a scientific study so profound that the conclusions drawn are as shocking as they are undeniable. The results universally applicable. A study so well done that the objectivity of the researchers is beyond question.

Now, those with a keen eye for detail may notice that the focus of this study is not electronic cigarettes. I noticed that as well. So what’s the point? The point is that the questions asked, and the conclusions drawn from observational data, are the exact same questions surrounding e-cigarettes. With the observational data on e-cigarettes pointing to the exact same conclusions.

The very definition of “not safe but safer” brought into laser focus. A compelling argument for the ability of disruptive technology to save lives. An honest, unbiased perspective on risks vs. rewards. Costs vs. benefits. Opinion vs. science.

Harm reduction’s finest hour! Until now…


h/t to Konstantinos Farsalinos for sharing this invaluable contribution to the questions surrounding e-cigarettes.

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Dave Coggin has a Master’s Degree in business and spent 35 years in corporate America. He is a co-founder and partner in DIYELS. He has spent the last five years actively researching and following the evolution of the e-cigarette industry. He is a strong proponent of e-cigarettes as the most promising option currently known for tobacco harm reduction. He may be contacted directly at dave@diyels.com .

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