Popular Vaping Flavors to Create Next

So you’ve tried that first flavor or two of e-liquid and are looking for something new. You’ll find that you have a staggering variety of e-liquid flavors to choose from. Everything from classic tobacco and menthol flavorings to fruit and candy flavors are available. And those are just the flavors that have been pre-mixed. DIYing e-liquids allows you to not be limited by what others choose to offer. Instead, the only limitation you have is your own imagination. So whether you are looking to recreate a favorite flavor or make your own unique blend, you will find plenty of ideas to get you started on becoming a DIYer below!

Tobacco and Menthol: Many people fresh off quitting cigarettes will try to replace the strong tobacco and menthol tastes of their old habit with e-liquids that replicate those familiar flavors they love. While the e-liquid will never be an exact replica of the real thing, it can come pretty close. The taste of the tobacco flavor is like fresh tobacco before the flavor has been altered through the burning process of smoking a cigarette. The menthol varieties tend to come with fresh sounding names like cool mist or spearmint and deliver that familiar menthol hit. While these are clean and simple flavors, they might be problematic for those trying to quit smoking due to the psychological comparisons a vaper might make with their old cigarette habit. But they can be a great first step into vaping and eventually trying the myriad of other flavors available.

Fruit, Candy and Dessert: Fruit flavors in e-liquids tend to be combinations of flavors rather than a single fruit flavor. Many manufacturers will mix something like berries and menthol or strawberries and cream. The variety is endless and companies release new recipes yearly in an effort to continually innovate. Candy flavors include time-honored classics like cotton candy, gummy candy and marshmallow. If you have an insatiable sweet-tooth, this might become one of your favorite categories of e-liquid. Similar to the candy flavors are the dessert flavored e-liquids. They can be anything from cinnamon rolls to ice cream to cookies. Vapers love these varieties of sweet flavors.

Food and Beverage: Yes, if you’re feeling adventurous you can vape e-liquids that taste like steak, cheesecake, pizza and other assorted junk foods. Not the highlight of the available e-liquid flavors for most people, but it would still be interesting to try a few and see for yourself. Beverage flavored e-liquids, on the other hand, tend to be more pleasant to try. Various types of sodas like Coca Cola, Root Beer and Dr. Pepper are available. Also milkshake varieties like chocolate, strawberry and blueberry cream. You can even get an assortment of e-liquids flavored after alcoholic drinks like pina colada and whiskey (without the buzz). Beverage flavors tend to be a favorite of vapers everywhere.

One of the most popular ways to vape is by using a starter vape pen. They’re compact and easy to carry with you so you can vape on the go. The best models can run into the hundred dollar range or more, but it’s worth it for the extra quality and sturdiness in a device you’ll be using regularly. You can carry the different flavors you have created in a case or plastic bag and switch them on the go to get the most out of your experience.

As a vaper you’re missing out if you just stick with a flavor you enjoy and don’t try the wild assortment of options available to you. The best way to experience the pleasures of vaping is by creating many different flavors. The possibilities are endless for DIYers.

Try Something New, Try DIY: You might be concerned about the perceived difficulty of mixing their own e-liquids. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mixing a few flavor extracts with your favorite PG/VG/Nic mixing base is not rocket science. Small quantities of new recipes are quick and easy to make. And mixing 60ml or 120ml of your latest “over the top” creation is equally quick and easy.

A great place to start is e-liquid-recipes.com. It is the largest online database of e-liquid recipes in the world. A word of caution – browsing the database can be addictive!

Many vapers find pre-mixed e-liquids are “not bad” — but not exactly what they are looking for. Or they start off loving a certain e-liquid but sooner or later begin longing for something new. With a little experimenting, you can create not just one but an endless variety of e-liquids.  You’ll find that your next “favorite” is always just around the corner.

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