When Stanton Glantz Speaks He Should Suggest “They” Stop Misrepresenting the Notblowingsmoke Campaign on Ecigs

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April 20, 2015


“There’s a lot that public health isn’t telling us about vaping.”


My post today is a parody on the post made by UCSF Professor Stanton Glantz in his blog yesterday. Glantz seems to actually be delusional enough to believe that FDA’s Mitch Zeller needs his input. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to read Glantz’s latest ego trip.

Stanton Glantz will not be a featured speaker anywhere there is anyone with any interest in hearing anything even remotely supported by scientific evidence.

While I suppose he would gladly accept any offer to take the podium and continue his usual anti-tobacco extremist tirade, he should reconsider his participation. Endlessly trying to dictate appropriate behavior according to his standards, instead of helping the public make informed decisions, is quickly eroding any influence he may have once had.

The notblowingsmoke ad looks exactly like the CDC’s Tips ad except it endorses presenting the public with evidence based information regarding a harm reduction alternative to the deadliest consumer product ever created. An alternative that could potentially save millions of lives.

These kind of look alike campaigns are used to inform the public and policy makers and invite an honest, open discussion of the substantial and growing body of evidence suggesting that electronic cigarettes are the first viable threat to Big Tobacco’s dominance in more than 100 years. One that some believe could render combustible cigarettes obsolete in less than a decade. An innovative harm reduction idea that is lost on ideological extremists like Glantz.

If he does speak, he should review how his statements are being used to expose the misinformation, lack of evidence and outright lies that he is so well known for. I have only heard him quoted in examples of how one-sided and scientifically bankrupt the views of a zealot can be.  Carl Phillips, Clive Bates, Michael Siegel, and Brad Rodu, told me that the same thing has been happening for a very long time. Too long.

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Dave Coggin has a Master’s Degree in business and spent 35 years in corporate America. He is a co-founder and partner in DIYELS. He has spent the last five years actively researching and following the evolution of the e-cigarette industry. He is a strong proponent of e-cigarettes as the most promising option currently known for tobacco harm reduction. He may be contacted directly at dave@diyels.com .

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