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Mixing DIY e-liquid can be a pain… but we have all the tools you need to make it easy and fun! Whether you like to measure by volume with syringe and needles, or if you prefer the less cleanup by mixing by weight – we have all the mixing supplies you need to get the job done!

We offer bottles from 10ml all the way up to 1000ml. So if you just want to try a recipe? Make make up a 10ml bottle. But, once you found that All Day Vape (ADV), mix up a liter so you never run out!

We have 3 scales for you to mix by weight with, AWS-201 for those that are mixing 120ml or smaller and need the high accuracy. AWS-1kg for those who want accuracy but want to mix larger batches. And the Top Dog – LB-501, ridiculously accurate up to 500ml.

Mixing Supplies

AWS-201 Scale


Mixing Supplies

AWS LB-501 Scale


Mixing Supplies

1ml Syringe


Mixing Supplies

5ml Syringe


Mixing Supplies

10ml Syringe


Mixing Supplies

30ml Syringe


Mixing Supplies

16ga Blunt Needle